Solution F is a boutique financial planning practice working across Canberra and Kiama to provide an all-encompassing wealth management solution, both for individuals seeking to accumulate wealth and self-funded retirees.

Our objective as financial planners is to plan, protect and prepare so:

  • your super is on track for your retirement.
  • your investment portfolio is up and running.
  • your family is covered in case you are injured or sick.
  • your investments are protected through your retirement years.
  • your comprehensive estate plan is in place.

At Solution F, we know it’s impossible to pick the market, and asset allocation, rather than stock selection, is more important in determining long-term performance. Rather than gamble with your money, our proven wealth management strategy is to invest it in diversified asset class portfolios.

Our unique financial planning approach, based solely upon proven principles of investing, enables our clients to immediately benefit from reduced management fees, tax savings and maximum diversification, resulting in enhanced performance.

We are not tied to any particular product or company and, like industry funds, we do not charge commissions on our super and investment portfolios.

Please take a look at our latest news and financial advice for more information, or contact Solution F’s financial planners in Canberra and Kiama to book an appointment.