If you’re looking for a financial planner to help you achieve the life you want to live, the expert team at Solution F is pleased to share its experience and knowledge.

Please see commonly asked financial planning questions answered below, and contact us if you would like to find out more about what we can do for you.


What does a financial planner do?

Our team of financial planners help both self-funded retirees maintain their desired lifestyle throughout their after-work years, and individuals looking to improve their financial health and manage their wealth.

We’ll undertake a thorough review of your current finances, and provide wealth management advice so you can live the lifestyle you choose at any stage of life.


Why do I need a financial advisor?

We have more than 25 years’ experience investing in our clients. We’ll devise a comprehensive financial plan to suit your current and future needs, and ensure peace of mind for you and your family.

Our financial planners cover a wide range of expertise, including management of superannuation schemes through to investment protection and estate planning.


What wealth management services do you provide?

We specialise in boutique, highly personalised financial services across Canberra and Kiama, including:

  • Financial planning

We’ll review your current finances and create a personalised financial plan that fits your needs.

  • Wealth management 

Investment advisors provide wealth creation and portfolio management strategies. We also specialise in family trust management and geared investment advice.

  • Estate planning

This falls under the preparing stage of our financial planning model, where we ensure your peace of mind and minimise the likelihood of family disputes in creating a personal will and establishing power of attorney and enduring guardianship provisions.

  • Retirement planning

Solution F’s financial planning team provides extensive aged care financial advice, working with our clients to best invest their money, enabling them to live their ideal retirement life.

Our retirement planning service involves helping self-funded retirees undertake a review of their situation, as well as protecting their investments and ensuring their superannuation scheme will allow for comfortable living post-work.

  • Life insurance

A large part of our financial advice service is protecting, whether it’s assets, investments or personal protection. We take the worry out of our clients’ hands, ensuring their family is provided for in the event of an accident or other tragic circumstances.

Provide security for any dependants with life insurance through Solution F. We also offer cover for total and permanent disability and critical illness insurance.


Should I stay in my defined benefits superannuation scheme, or switch to an accumulated super fund?

Many Commonwealth and public sector employers offer defined benefits superannuation, with a choice to move into an accumulated super fund after a certain period.

Accumulated super comprises employee and employer contributions, invested in the stockmarket. Your final amount depends on the performance of the investment market. Defined benefits super is calculated by a formula, usually combining years of employment and salary at retirement – meaning you can more accurately gauge the amount of super you’re entitled to, and the risk lies with employers.

The financial planners at Solution F help clients manage their superannuation and provide advice and strategies for managing both types of super fund.


Where can I get more information and financial advice?

Solution F is pleased to offer a range of handy financial services links, including financial planning and investment advice and calculators for taxation and super.