Our investment philosophy reflects decades of world-class academic research that delivers consistent performance over the long term. We do not engage in market timing or stock picking; instead, we take a highly-disciplined approach to asset allocation and diversification while considering risk and return. We want your experience to be a great investment experience.

When investing for clients, we focus on the following fundamentals which you can consistently rely upon to achieve a successful investment experience:

Markets Work

In our electronic world, knowledge and information flow so quickly and freely that no-one consistently has a head start on anyone else.

Risk and return are related

Unfortunately, not all risks have an expected return, so we only seek out rewarded risk. There is no such thing as a sustainable high return, low-risk investment.


Diversification reduces risk and volatility and enhances consistency of returns.

Discipline is Key

Avoiding short-term emotional decisions in both uncertain and prosperous economic climates will determine the success of your investment experience.

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