Warmest Wishes & Merry Christmas 2017!

November 28, 2017

In warm appreciation of our association, we extend our best wishes for a happy festive Season and a New Year filled with peace, joy and success! Warmest wishes, Peter, Melissa, Andrew, Chris and Sophie. 

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Set yourself for success with these 7 key steps

November 8, 2017

The months seem to fly past in a blink of an eye and although it feels like we were celebrating Christmas just a few months ago, it’s looming on the horizon again – another year gone! Almost every year we see changes to our superannuation system, interest rates, the stock market and the property market....

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Estate planning for your digital life

October 16, 2017

Many of us have never given a thought to what happens to all our social media accounts, emails, iTunes, passwords and logins when we pass away. Have you ever considered who’s going to close your personal online accounts after you die? We live in an age where practically everything we do is recorded online. We have...

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World Financial Planning Day is here!

October 4, 2017

World Financial Planning Day is a great initiative that will raise awareness of the financial planning profession and reinforce how Australians can save and invest to improve their financial well-being and build a better future. The Financial Planning Association has announced that the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) will be hosting the first World Financial...

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Beat the scammers at their own game

September 20, 2017

We’ve all seen media reports about ordinary Australians losing their entire savings after responding to a phone, email or mail offer that was impossible to resist. While some people may be naïve, scammers are also getting smarter. Financial stings have become a serious threat to Australian consumers and businesses. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports...

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2017 Financial Planning Week

August 25, 2017

Every year, the Financial Planning Association (FPA) holds Financial Planning Week, to remind Australians about the importance of financial planning. The theme for this year is Live the Dream and I think it’s a great reminder of why we need a plan in place to realise our biggest dreams.   To celebrate Financial Planning Week,...

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Having a Game Plan

August 22, 2017

An advisor once said he did not so much have people with investment problems as he had investments with people problems. Your assumed rationality can vanish in a crisis. So why not build your human imperfections into your game plan? Written by Jim Parker – Vice President, Dimensional Fund Advisors When unsettling news is breaking...

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7 Habits You Can Adopt To Save More Money

April 4, 2017

Saving money can be a challenge for any of us at the best of times. However, even a small change in your daily habits could boost your savings potential ten-fold. Here are 7 habits you can adopt to save more money.   1. Learn the difference between saving a $ vs. %   Saving 5% on an item...

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The $2.5 billion lost super pot – could some be yours!?

December 15, 2016

Keeping track of multiple bank and super accounts can sometimes be difficult. Some common reasons as to why and how we loose track of accounts can include: we move often and change address we move overseas life gets complicated and we simply just forget!   Super There is approximately 15 million Australians who are yet to...

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