Solution F to mark 20 years as trusted financial planners

March 28, 2016

As Solution F prepares to celebrate 20 years in business as trusted financial planners, it’s hard to believe how fast the time has flown. Founder Peter Blematl has been there for every step of the journey. And he’s looking forward to continuing the work of providing wealth-management solutions to a growing client base across Canberra...

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Canberra financial services cover all bases

February 28, 2016

For residents of Canberra and beyond, Solution F’s financial services have you covered when it comes to planning, advice and ongoing management of your wealth. We want you to have a fulfilling life, backed by financial security that allows you to enjoy every day for years to come without stressing about money. And we work...

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Wealth management services in Canberra

January 31, 2016

Wealth management is more than just a good plan. It’s a program to ensure you can live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted to. And it’s a core part of the services Solution F provides to Canberra clients and those further afield. Our professional wealth management specialists in Canberra guide you, your finances and your investments...

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Financial planning protects monetary gifts for clients in Kiama

December 22, 2015

Being the recipient of a sizeable monetary gift can have a major impact on your life in Kiama. But what steps should you take to protect and nurture your windfall so it can grow and help pave the way to a better future? The first step involves seeking financial planning Kiama clients feel comfortable with...

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Wealth management in Kiama to ride the market rollercoaster

October 23, 2015

The stock market can sometimes feel like you’re on a rollercoaster ride – as you’re poised on the edge of a downward turn, nausea can strike and leave you feeling wobbly. But experienced riders know to focus on a distant point, honing in on the horizon and blocking out the giddying twists and turns. Our Kiama...

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Financial advisors in Canberra and Kiama make tax easier

September 23, 2015

With only a little over a month to go until the October 31, 2015 deadline for lodging tax returns, many people start to review their finances. Solution F’s financial advisors in Canberra and Kiama provide advice and strategies to help our clients effectively manage their finances. Solution F’s financial advisors will undertake a review of...

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7 simple tips for financial planning success in Canberra

August 27, 2015

At Solution F, our financial planning advisors in Canberra have watched both world economies and markets evolve throughout the past 25 years. We’ve helped clients develop and implement proven strategies to best suit their long-term objectives. There are 7 tips we remind our clients to keep in mind: Don’t make assumptions People are always buying It’s...

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