At Solution F, our financial planners are committed to planning, protecting and preparing your finances, so you don’t have to worry and can live your life to the fullest. With more than 25 years’ experience our financial planners across Canberra and Kiama have the expertise and approach to put our clients at ease.


Solution F planning helps motivated individuals who seek to improve their financial well-being.

In terms of individual wealth management, planning is generally separated into two structures:

  • investments provide financial well-being for the individual and their family throughout life
  • superannuation provides financial well-being once an individual has attained preservation age.


Our team of financial advisors are adept at identifying risks which can cause financial loss and proposing strategies to reduce or mitigate losses following an event.

In terms of individual financial management, protecting is broken into three tiers:

  • personal protection – ensures wealth and lifestyle is protected following personal injury or illness
  • asset protection – ensures wealth is protected from the actions of others and from unnecessary investment risks
  • investment protection – ensures investments are not lost through high-risk schemes or unnecessary performance chasing.


Unfortunately, most people are not concerned about what will happen ‘after the event’ and fail to make adequate provisions for tragedy. This apathy too often results in family disputes, with assets being distributed in an unequal manner and unnecessary taxes being payable on the estate.

Preparing involves assisting you in the process of comprehensive estate planning, which ideally contains:

  • a personal will
  • an enduring power of attorney
  • an enduring power of guardianship.

Solution F’s qualified legal associates will be employed to prepare all documentation necessary to complete your personal estate plan. We also offer specialist life insurance financial advisors for Canberra and Kiama.

Please contact us with any enquiries.