Transitioning to retirement can be a stressful time for families, and a time of lifestyle change. At Solution F, we believe in long-term planning so there are no nasty surprises when it comes time to retire, and you can continue living the lifestyle you choose without disruption.

Our team of financial planners will work with you on retirement planning strategies to suit your individual needs and ensure everything is in place well before you retire.

We offer a range of solutions to suit different needs.

Retirement advice for self-funded retirees

A large proportion of our client base are self-funded retirees – people who have undertaken appropriate efforts during their working life to accumulate wealth, which will effectively provide an income stream sufficient for them to enjoy a quality lifestyle during retirement.

Solution F believes efforts taken to accumulate wealth for retirement should not be taken for granted, and as our client approaches retirement, a complete review of the client’s situation should be undertaken.


Our superannuation financial planners have a tiered approach – firstly ensuring your money is invested in the most appropriate means of accumulating capital while you continue working; and secondly, allotting a suitable pension when your reach preservation age requirements, allowing you to continue living the lifestyle you desire.

Our financial advisors are also experienced in helping clients use their super to establish an annuity fund, ensuring peace of mind with a steady stream of income.

Investment protection

Our investment advisors specialise in wealth management and investment strategy to maintain the security of your investment portfolio throughout your retirement.

Solution F’s wealth management services includes a broad range of financial planning, designed to protect your existing wealth, expand your current wealth and future-proof your lifestyle. Please contact us to find out more.